Xbox One S: Should You Upgrade?

xbox-one-s1With the release of the Xbox One S console, many gamers have questioned whether it would be worth their while to upgrade to the new console. Whilst this new console does have some advantages over the previous version, they will not be of benefit to all gamers.

One of the major complaints with the previous Xbox One was the size. It was often compared to the VCRs of yesteryear. The new One S console has managed to shave off 40 percent of bulk, and the power supply is now housed within the console itself. If you move your console on a regular basis, the new One S may be worth the upgrade for these two reasons alone.

4K Upscaling
If you have recently purchased a new 4K TV, then upgrading to the One S would be strongly recommended if you wish to take advantage of the new resolution. Whilst the One S does not display games in native 4K resolution, it does offer upscaling. This extra detail will help to show off your new TV and breathe new life into your games.

HDR Capability
Most 4K televisions on the higher end of the scale include a feature known as high dynamic range (HDR). This enables better contrast between white and black and allows a wider range of colors to be displayed. Not all games are HDR-enabled. However, upcoming and recently released games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 will feature HDR. Tests have shown that the Xbox One is slightly more powerful than the previous console, probably due to the addition of HDR capability.

4K Blu-Ray player
If you are a movie buff, the Xbox One S is currently the cheapest 4K Blu-Ray player on the market. The added advantage is that it also has the ability to play video games and access apps such as Netflix. The previous console is unable to play 4K Blu-Ray discs, so the One S would be a worthwhile upgrade.

New controller with Bluetooth
The Xbox One S controller offers a slight improvement over the previous controller. It now has a textured grip and syncs with the console via Bluetooth. This means it will have extended range and fewer issues with pairing. The new controller can also be paired with your computer.

Colour Options
The vast majority of Xbox One S consoles are sold in white, which some people may prefer over the gloss black of the previous console. There are also limited-edition consoles on offer in various other colour options.

Why you should NOT upgrade
The above features are only relevant to those who wish to reduce clutter, keep up with current technology or have recently purchased a new 4K TV. The Xbox One original console will continue to play all current and future games. You should also consider the upcoming release of Project Scorpio (estimated for release in Q4 2017), which will be significantly more powerful and able to play games in native 4K resolution.

The Xbox One S is an improvement over the original Xbox One. It offers reduced size and 4K capabilities for those with compatible TVs. Whether it is worth upgrading depends upon your TV and your attitude toward technology. Some may find that the changeover cost is minimal after selling or trading in their old Xbox One console. Others might prefer to hold onto their old console and wait for Project Scorpio.

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