A Detailed Review of the Top 10 TVs to Watch 4K Movies or Video


No more than ten years ago, buying a new TV was pretty easy. All you had to do was figure out the most popular brand. This simplicity was aided by the fact that almost all TVs used the same technology. From the pixels to the picture quality, all brands had similar features, the difference only being in the brand names. Fast forward to today, and things have changed for the better. Forget about the 1080 pixels that you consider superb. In no particular order, here are some of the TVs that are setting a revolution in form of 2160 pixels (4K) ultra-high-definition display.

Samsung 105″ Class 105S9 9-Series Curved

Samsung continues to set the benchmark in terms of quality. This TV comes with a curved screen, which gives a breathtaking display. The curve technology ensures you get to see crispy clear pictures. It also helps create a wide field of view, which means that the panoramic effect in an ultra-high-definition video can be easily accommodated. Its screen size is 105″, which should be a plus if you are a sucker for big displays. It has also got built-in Wi-Fi, giving you the chance to stream online TV shows and movies. The UHD Upscaling feature incorporated in its software ensures there is noise reduction, detail enhancement and signal analysis. These three processes work together to upgrade SD and HD videos to full UHD quality.

Sceptre U550CV-U 55″ 4K Ultra-HD TV

The set has a 55″ LED screen, which is a great complement to its Ultra-HD (4K x 2K) capability. Unlike most smart TVs, this one comes equipped with 4 HDMI 2.0 ports. This allows you to maximize on its multitasking capability. With the high-speed ports, you can browse and listen to multimedia content at the same time. It also has a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port that allows you to connect your smart phone and launch your apps on-screen. Without a doubt, this can be a great upgrade to your home entertainment system. Also note that you will have to buy the stand or wall-mount separately, so factor that in your budget.

LG 55UF6450 55″ 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

The quality of a movie is all in how the video is rendered. Every aspect of it ought to be captured in detail if it is to set its mark in the industry. This is what LG had in mind when making this product. It has a 55″ LCD screen, which makes images appear lifelike. Its aspect ratio is 16:9, which needless to say means all types of videos can fit perfectly on the screen. It also gives you the opportunity to view digital broadcasts, of course subject to availability. It has 3 HDMI ports that stick to the 2.0 standard. This standard ensures conversion rates for 2160 pixel videos are fast, in effect ensuring there are no delays in rendering. Built-in Wi-Fi is also a key feature in this set, just as in most smart TVs.

Panasonic TC-50CX400U 50″ 4K Ultra-HD TV

Until recently, the Japanese brand Panasonic had been on a hiatus. However, the arrival of its smart TVs heralded a new era for the company. Clearly a technology masterpiece, this TV gives viewers an unrivalled experience with its key features. You can enjoy your favorite Netflix shows thanks to the high-speed Wi-Fi technology integrated in it. Its 60Hz refresh rate is what sets it apart. The thing about streaming movies online is that the TV has to be fast enough to render images without hanging. This is where this product sets the mark. With the 60Hz speed, you can watch live matches without worrying about missing a key moment due to buffering. The 50″ LED screen is suitable enough for displaying content in 2160 pixels. It has an aspect ratio of 16:9, which is a global standard these days. Its connector slots include 3 HDMI ports, 1 RJ45 port for your network cable, 2 USB ports (with 2.0 and 3.0 capability each) and a standard VGA slot.

VIZIO D55u-D1 55″ Class 4K Ultra-HD TV

A reputable product in the TV market, this set renders thrilling images in 8.3 million pixels. The LED technology in use on the screen allows for full-array backlighting. It also offers high contrast levels, which lets you see every detail clearly in the images rendered. In addition, its pixel tuning feature lets you adjust brightness to achieve clear-cut pixels. Part of its feature set includes 5 HDMI ports, 1 USB 2.O port and an Ethernet cable port. These features work collaboratively to gives you access to Ultra-HD online content.

Sansui SLED6516 65 Inch 4K UHD Slim TV

This TV is undeniably in a class of its own. With a 65″ LED screen, it’s the perfect addition to your family’s entertainment equipment. Its aspect ratio (16:9) and refresh rate (120Hz) lets videos fit perfectly and play without buffering on both vertical and horizontal margins. It is also compatible with gaming devices like the PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 Slim. The most suitable placement location is on the wall.

Sony BRAVIA KD55X8509C 55 inch 4K Ultra-HD HDR 3D

Getting a TV that offers you a real 3D experience can be a great way to save money. With this set, you no longer have to spend money going out to catch a 3D movie screening. With a 55″ 3D enabled LED screen and a high pixel resolution (3840 x 2160), this product guarantees you an immersive viewing experience. It uses the Android Operating System, which in effect means you can link it with your Android Smartphone to create seamless collaboration. It is also voice-search enabled, meaning you can use your voice to launch apps. With 3D and 4K capability, get ready to watch crystal clear videos.

SAMSUNG 48″ 6400 Series – 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Standing at 48″, this TV is another incredible piece of work from Samsung technologies. It has a built-in digital tuner and comes with 3 high-speed HDMI ports. Its standard resolution (3840 x 2160) and aspect ratio (16:9) gives it sufficient latitude to complement its 60Hz refresh rate. Online streaming is also enabled as it has a built-in Wi-Fi network card. The product is also wall-mountable. Therefore, you can find something constructive to do with that space that would have been occupied by your TV stand.

Hisense 50H7GB1 50″ 4K Ultra-HD TV

With this set unboxed and ready to use, you can enjoy four times the resolution quality that full HD offers. The display has a standard 4Kx2K resolution. This feature ensures you get to watch videos shot in Ultra-HD with great clarity. You also get 4 HDMI ports for your multimedia needs, an Ethernet slot for internet connectivity, 3 USB slots and a set of headphones. The 50″ screen and standard HDTV aspect ratio (16:9) ensures videos are well accentuated.

Sharp LC-43N6100U 43″ 4K Ultra-HD TV

These days, most consumers target TVs that are well designed, both inside and outside. With a sleek exterior and well designed software, this 43″ set truly is a magnificent work of art. It’s got 3 USB ports, 4 for HDMI cables and an Ethernet slot for connecting your RJ45 network cable. Without a doubt, it’s a great product retailing at a fair price.

When you have your wallet ready, ensure you narrow this list down to a product that you feel meets your requirements in terms of quality and pricing. Most online stores do free shipping, so check on that as well. Happy shopping!

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